13 Ways to Support A Victim of Gender-Based Violence (Violence against women) Uncategorized

TIP 1: LISTEN without judging and without freaking out. Just listen carefully to what the victim has to say. Most victims who do not report their assault decided to do so because no one would trust them. TIP 2: BELIEVE “I believe you”. A lot of victims do not report their assault because they are afraid that no one will believe them. Many survivors will...

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Violence Against Women (Gender-based violence) Uncategorized

The issue of gender-based violence reaches every corner of the world. The numbers of women and girls affected by this problem are staggering. Violence against women and girls is a global epidemic that affects the health and economic stability of women, their families, and their communities. What is gender-based violence? ‘Gender-based violence’ (GBV) and ‘violence against women’ are terms that are often used interchangeably as...

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Copyright: Robin Hammond / Panos Uncategorized

Sustainable development is “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”[1] I have been writing and talking a lot (on my YouTube channel) about the importance of including women’s needs in every aspect of global development because gender disparity is among the most pervasive forms of inequality in the world[2]. Without serious steps...

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Women in Politics Uncategorized

The equal participation of women in politics and government is integral to building strong communities and vibrant democracies in which women and men can grow. By voting, running for office, and engaging in civil society as leaders and activists, women shape laws, policies, and decision-making in ways that reflect their interests and needs, as well as those of their families and communities. However, from the...

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Women Leadership in the Workplace Uncategorized

Women have made great progress in the workplace, but inequality persists. It isn’t news that, in 2016, women remain underrepresented across organizations, especially at senior levels of leadership. In this article, we are going to take a look at the ways men and women inhabit the world of work and what can be done to make them more equal. Women in the workplace: According the a study...

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