Women’s Rights

Women in Politics Women's Rights

The equal participation of women in politics and government is integral to building strong communities and vibrant democracies in which women and men can grow. By voting, running for office, and engaging in civil society as leaders and activists, women shape laws, policies, and decision-making in ways that reflect their interests and needs, as well as those of their families and communities. However, from the...

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Women Leadership in the Workplace Women's Rights

Women have made great progress in the workplace, but inequality persists. It isn’t news that, in 2016, women remain underrepresented across organizations, especially at senior levels of leadership. In this article, we are going to take a look at the ways men and women inhabit the world of work and what can be done to make them more equal. Women in the workplace: According the a study...

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Women Smart Networking Series Global Development / Women's Rights

This is finally happening! After weeks of intensive work and sleepless nights. The Women Smart Networking Series launch took place at the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce on September 6, 2016. My opening remarks: Good Morning everyone! Welcome! Thanks to each of you for joining us this morning. I am Darine BenAmara, Gender and Development Officer to the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce. I came to Jamaica through...

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Women in Sport Global Development / Women's Rights

Did you know that the goal of gender equality is enshrined in the Olympic Charter? At the 2016 Olympics, a number of remarkable women have captured the world’s attention with their record-breaking achievements. However, the attention was not so much focused on their performance but rather on the comparison with their male counterpart. For example, American gymnast Simone Biles, kept getting compared to male athletes who...

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Photo Credit: OCHA Women's Rights

“Emergencies expose and reinforce existing gender discriminatory practices and deepen the vulnerabilities of women and girls in societies.” Kyung- wha Kang, Assistant Secretary General and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs. During a humanitarian crisis, the needs of women, men, girls and boys are different. Addressing gender equality during a humanitarian crisis means planning and implementing protection and assistance according to the needs of...

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