EasyPoli meets International Popstar AKON – Senegal EasyPoli

I met the international Pop Star Akon while I was doing a consulting mission for Give1Project in Senegal.

EasyPoli - Akon - Darine BenAmara

Casual meeting with Akon

GIVE1PROJECT is a global organization that aims to engage young people as leaders in creating and building strong communities. The project accomplishes this aim through the successful operation of civic engagement, employment training and educational programs. These programs are purposely and strategically designed to assist young men and women through a period of transformation and empower and inspire them to continuously strive for greater social, economic and political participation in their communities, both locally and internationally.

Mr Thione Niang, founder of Give1Project and co-founder of Akon Lighting Africa, and the popstar have both been inspiring youth across the globe and advocating for transformational leadership in Africa.

So, it’s in that context that I had the opportunity to meet with Akon and discuss the importance of supporting women’s leadership through inclusive programs in Senegal and across the african continent.

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