EasyPoli meets the leader Thione Niang EasyPoli

Thione Niang is a mentor, political activist, community leader and social entrepreneur.

“To propel ourselves to our next level of success, we must turn our fears into power and our dreams into reality.” – Thione Niang

EasyPoli Consulting had the pleasure to meet with Thione Niang in Jamaica. Mr. Niang came to speak at the Young Entrepreneur: Own Your Future conference, a new initiative that I have launched with the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce.

We enjoyed compelling discussions regarding the role of women’s economic empowerment and youth leadership in building stronger community. We also considered EasyPoli Consulting to make a significant contribution.

Thione Niang has extended an invitation that I visit Senegal.  I certainly look forward to visiting in the near future, and the prospect of working with rising young Senegalese leaders to make a positive impact their communities.



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